Crypto Crew

Crypto Crew is a partner of Privat Bank

Crypto Crew is a partner of Privat Bank

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Learning to invest and trade is easy if you work as a team. Beginners learn the basics of trading on the stock exchange in just a month and make their first successful transactions by joining the Crypto Crew community. Become a part of the team to earn effectively and with minimal risks!

What can you learn in Crypto Crew

Crypto Crew is the first cryptocurrency community in Ukraine, where everyone can learn to invest competently quickly, trade profitably on the stock exchange, increasing capital daily. We have developed an effective training course for beginners and experienced traders who want to improve their trading strategy. The team consists of professional mentors who have gone from a beginner to successful exchange players themselves and know what difficulties a novice crypto trader can face.

You will learn by studying at Crypto Crew:

  • What is a blockchain and how is the technology of creating a cryptocurrency arranged.
  • How to analyze the state of the cryptocurrency market and trends in order to make the right investments, and not lose a deposit on initial transactions.
  • What are the strategies for trading on the stock exchange and how to use the concept of “smart money”.
  • What psychological tricks and manipulations beginners come across, and how to act in order not to become a victim of manipulation.
  • Which coins are worth investing in.
  • What is NFT, why it is a promising investment, and how to make money on tokens.

The training program at Crypto Crew is designed for a month, during which our students receive useful information from mentors every day; they participate in LIVE broadcasts, do their homework, sort mistakes with mentors and learn to trade on the stock exchange on their own. You can study in a group or individually.

You can join our community to regularly receive up-to-date news about the crypt, reviews of promising coins, and announcements of free crypt draws in addition to completing the training course. Community members are a team of like-minded people, among whom you will find new friends and useful connections.

Crypto Crew is a partner of Privat Bank

Investment and trading training in Crypto Crew is paid. Just fill out the form on the website to find out the price of the course, and our consultants will contact you shortly, tell you about the community and training, and answer all your questions.

Our community is an official partner of Privat Bank, so we offer profitable payment methods. You don’t have to pay for the course right away. Choose payment in installments from Privat Bank at 0% up to 6 months and start studying at any convenient time!

Why did we become a partner of Privat Bank and offer interest-free installments? So that everyone who wants to achieve success in trading can start learning without serious investments today. Make an installment plan, start earning on cryptocurrency and pay for the course in a mode that is comfortable for you.

Mentorship in Crypto Crew

We not only give students up-to-date data and useful information, but also work with everyone so that community members get the necessary skills in practice to start successful trading. A feature of Crypto Crew is a team of experienced mentors whose goal is to make money on the crypt accessible to everyone.

If you are ready to learn and immerse yourself in the topic, like to learn new things and are not afraid to take risks, are motivated and want to make earning on crypto the main income, our mentors will help you to enter the exchange confident and prepared.

Crypto Crew mentors not only tell students about all the existing ways to make money on cryptocurrency, but also help everyone to choose the best option, learn how to form an investment portfolio properly, choose successful transactions and close them with maximum profit. You can daily ask questions to mentors, receive recommendations and constructive criticism studying with us, and develop an effective trading strategy on the stock exchange with the help of mentors.

You will need a minimum starting capital to start earning. Crypto Crew mentors will tell you how not to lose a deposit in the first days and get a profit faster.