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Crypto Crew learning structure

Crypto Crew learning structure

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Do you plan to invest in cryptocurrency and earn from it? We will help you to avoid mistakes and earn your first income with minimal investment! The Cryptocurrency Training Program from Scratch is designed by experienced traders from Crypto Crew. We teach beginners to trade on the stock exchange, using the innovative concept of Smart Money.

All about the Crypto Crew training program

You get up-to-date knowledge that can be put into practice from the very first days of the course by choosing cryptocurrency trading training at Crypto Crew. You will take part in LIVE broadcasts for one month; here experienced mentors explain topics and answer students’ questions. At the end of the course, you will have permanent access to the recordings of each lesson and you can review the lesson at any time.

The task of Crypto Crew mentors is to convey information in the most accessible way to help students effectively master the basics of trading, understand the nuances and prepare for independent trading. Mentors will help you to improve your trading strategy and move confidently into practice.

You will receive only important knowledge without water systematically, and mentors will share their experience unlike self-study in our course. In addition, you will participate in a closed community, where you will meet other newcomers, get support, get motivated and make useful contacts. Group training takes place through Discord as well as a private channel in Telegram.

Our lessons are not only lectures of mentors and discussions of different questions, but also visual materials that you can use immediately. We offer the charts that you need to analyze and improve your trading strategies.

You will learn to analyze the market, make profitable investments and open successful deals yourself in some time.

Homework is an integral part of learning. You will complete homework assignments that will help in further trading on the stock exchange to consolidate the material covered and master the skills. Mentors check homework, give recommendations, and explain in detail what mistakes you made and how to correct them.

The training program includes several modules, such as:

  • market structure;
  • tools for trading;
  • liquidity of assets;
  • fundamentals of investment.

Would you like to look through the detailed curriculum? Leave a request on our website!

Learning Options

You can choose from two cryptocurrency training courses at Crypto Crew – group LIVE lessons and individual LIVE lessons. We recruit groups of 40 students and no more, when there is a necessary amount of people, a team of curators works with them. If you want to study individually, two mentors and a curator, assigned specifically to you, will work with you.

We don’t teach just beginners. Traders, who have already mastered the basics and started trading crypto, also take a course from our team to improve their trading strategies, gain up-to-date knowledge and reach a new level of income.

What skills do our students get after the course

You will gain the comprehensive knowledge and specific skills required for successful trading by completing the trading training. You will understand how the cryptocurrency market works, learn how to analyze the dynamics of changes in the value of coins, and make forecasts, competently draw up an investment portfolio and assess the prospects of assets for investment. Find out what psychological traps do traders fall into, and learn how to avoid them.

Skills that students learn just in a month of training:

  • Independent crypto trading using the Smart Money concept.
  • Implementation of transactions for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies on any of the popular exchanges.
  • Diversification of the investment portfolio and choosing of coins for profitable investments.