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Cryptocurrency education at Crypto Crew is your first step towards financial independence. Our team has developed an effective training course based on the innovative Smart Money trading method. It allows you to master the basics of trading from scratch and begin to understand every movement of the market, as well as be able to describe it.

Format of learning to invest in cryptocurrencies and trading with Crypto Crew

Have you read dozens of thematic articles, but did not find answers to your questions? We will tell you everything about the world of cryptocurrency, and also share relevant and useful knowledge with you. Crypto Crew specialists have developed an effective course for beginners. You will learn cryptocurrency trading and investing from experienced exchange players who themselves have gone from beginner to professional within one month.

Our course is:

  • Monthly video tutorials and access to recordings forever.
  • Free participation in the closed Crypto Crew community, where you will meet fellow novice traders, get support and motivation in a month.
  • 10 video lessons with detailed explanations of complex topics from our mentors.
  • Weekly live broadcasts with a mentor, where you can ask questions and get detailed answers to them.
  • Learn on the innovative and efficient Discord platform.
Learning cryptocurrency from scratch gives positive results when a beginner receives the necessary knowledge in a simple and understandable way systematically, he can immediately use it in practice, and a mentor helps him achieve better results. Our mentors are always ready to answer students’ questions, correct mistakes and adjust the trading strategy.

Who will benefit from our course

Trading is not just an investment in crypto, but also work on the stock exchange. A beginner must acquire basic skills, understand how the market works, and learn how to analyze in order to make money by buying and selling cryptocurrencies. A novice trader has to master a lot of information before he can open trades confidently. But experienced traders always have something to learn, because the market is volatile, and its participants have to improve their skills constantly.

The cryptocurrency trading training course from Crypto Crew is divided into levels. We have developed programs for three groups of students:

  • Beginners, who are just starting to get comfortable in the world of cryptocurrency and take their first steps in trading.
  • Traders, who understand the basics, who have mastered technical analysis, but regularly make mistakes and they cannot reach a new level of earnings on their own.
  • Traders, who adhere to the concept of Smart Money, who seek to improve their trading skills and open more profitable transactions.

All groups of students are trained in cryptocurrency trading under the guidance of experienced mentors and achieve their goals. We do not use ready-made course programs that you can find for free in the public domain, but we have developed our own teaching method.

What results do our students achieve

Free cryptocurrency training from scratch is a good opportunity to understand the base, the meaning of the crypto, how it works and how exchanges work. But information from open sources does not make a beginner professional, it does not also help to understand the nuances and complex topics, and there are many of them in the crypto world.

After completing the cryptocurrency training course for beginners, you will achieve the following results in a month:

  • Learn to trade crypto using the concept of “smart money”.
  • Understand how the crypto market works, learn to recognize trends, analyze, and make forecasts.
  • Get valuable advice on building an investment portfolio and diversifying it.
  • Conduct the first successful transactions and earn the first income.

Video recordings of lessons and training materials will remain with you forever, so you can return to them at any time if you forgot something or want to understand the topic in more detail.

The goal of our students is to master the basic skills for successful trading, and feel confident on the cryptocurrency exchange. Training with Crypto Crew allows you to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. Join us and earn your first income with minimal investment!