Cryptocurrency rating

Cryptocurrency rating

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The cryptocurrency market offers a variety of options for earning. You can profitably invest in promising cryptocurrencies, you can trade them, earning on the difference in the exchange rate, and there are also passive ways to earn money on the crypt. The main thing is not to make mistakes with forecasts and choose a profitable asset. We will tell you which promising cryptocurrencies in 2022 are worth investing in.

How to choose the most promising cryptocurrency for investment?

It is difficult to name the most promising cryptocurrency in 2022, there are a large number of good assets on the market today, in which they invest and successfully earn with their help. When choosing a coin for investment, there are several factors to consider:

  • Reputation. Investing in it can be risky if the project has repeatedly become a participant in high-profile scandals. This factor should not be taken into account as the main one, there was a lot of hype around Bitcoin, but it is still the undisputed market leader in which people are actively investing.

  • Team. The leader and the development team are the key components of the project’s image. It is important that the team is open and not anonymous.

  • Number of coins. As a rule, the more coins, the lower the chance that the asset price will raise significantly.

  • Github. This is a portal where you can see how the team is working on their project. You can track whether work is underway with respect to the coin, or whether it has long been abandoned by developers on the service.

  • Social networks. A good sign is the open and active communication of the development team with the community.

  • Active, developed and popular cryptocurrency pages in social networks indicate the company’s interest in expanding the audience, interaction and cooperation.

  • Status. A project can be a fully working product, a prototype, a beta or alpha version, or it can only be at the idea stage. All options are good except the last one, especially if the project is over a year old and still just an idea. It is worth saying that some successful projects sometimes forget or change the status of a coin at the wrong time, so this factor is more of an auxiliary one.

  • Listing on stock exchanges. Top coins are listed on most popular and large exchanges.

Promising cryptocurrencies in 2022 in which they invest

The most promising cryptocurrency for investment is still the leader – Bitcoin despite the thousands of coins released to the market over the past few years. It occupies a dominant position in the market, affects the quotes of almost all cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin rate sank heavily, losing more than 70% of its peak value in 2022, but experts still do not write it off, assuring that if the market trend changes, the coin can surpass the previous peak value.

Ethereum can also be attributed to the most promising cryptocurrencies in 2022. It is the second most popular after Bitcoin. This is a coin with a strong team and a promising idea; its only disadvantage can be called an infinite number of tokens that can be issued.

BNB is also included in the list of the strongest; it belongs to the promising cryptocurrency coins in 2022. The project has a high-quality full-fledged ecosystem.

You can get acquainted with the current exchange rate, current capitalization, daily trading volume and other data on CoinMarketCap. The TOP-20 promising cryptocurrency coins by market capitalization include:


Coin name

Market capitalization in August 2022


Bitcoin (BTC)



Ethereum (ETH)



Tether (USDT)









Binance USD (BUSD)






Cardano (ADA)



Solana (SOL)



Dogecoin (DOGE)



Polkadot (DOT)



Shiba Inu (SHIB)



Dai (DAI)



Avalanche (AVAX)



Polygon (MATIC)






Uniswap (UNI)



Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)






Ethereum Classic (ETC)


Rules for investing in the TOP promising cryptocurrencies

Do not forget the rules that an investor must adhere to when choosing promising cryptocurrencies for investment in 2022:

  • Diversification. It is desirable to make a portfolio of several coins.

  • Analysis. Buying an asset on the recommendation of someone is a mistake; before spending your own money, you need to study the project yourself, its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Graduality. Do not rush to invest all your free money in crypto at once, invest small amounts, but regularly.

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