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What is the Crypto Crew community subscription mechanism

What is the Crypto Crew community subscription mechanism

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The cryptocurrency market is complex and multifaceted not only for beginners, but also for experienced traders, so you have to always learn. It seems that only professional analysts and brokers can make money on cryptocurrencies until you understand the basics of trading and types of investments. But hundreds of thousands of traders who came to the market with starting capital of $100 prove the opposite.

In just a month you will learn how to analyze yourself, understand the intricacies of the market and be able to develop your first successful trading strategy on the exchange by joining the Crypto Crew community.

What is the Crypto Crew

Crypto Crew is a closed community where novice traders learn how to make money on crypto, exchange experiences and gain valuable skills to each other. Experienced mentors, who actively trade on the stock exchange, share the secrets of success with beginners, give recommendations and help to understand complex topics.

What is the Crypto Crew community:

  1. More than 1000 participants who systematically earn and improve their trading strategy every day.
  2. More than $12,000,000 in the investment portfolio of participants and this figure is growing every month.
  3. An ecosystem that includes networking, expert analytics, discussion of topics with experts, training, live communication, online broadcasts, investment club.

What do our subscribers get

We offer several subscription options: 1 month, 3 months and 1 year. The participant has full access to the community after subscribing – analytics from specialists, live broadcasts with an analysis of the latest news from the world of cryptocurrency and trading, live meetings with traders, work with mentors, participation in investment groups and airdrops.

Sign up in less than a minute and start learning today! Simply leave a request, indicating the name, contact phone number and email to do this. After payment you will get immediate access to the community.

So, participating in the community, you get:

  • Daily analytics from mentors. Experienced mentors will check the trading strategies you have chosen, give recommendations, and correct actions.
  • Weekly analytics of top coins. Our mentors will publish materials that allow you to analyze the state of the market, choose the right moment to open a deal and trade strategy.
  • Weekly live broadcasts. Mentors analyze topics of interest to you, answer participants’ questions in detail.
  • Regular meetings with community members. These are not just gatherings for discussion of the latest news, but meetings with successful startups, entrepreneurs and investors, communication with opinion leaders and experts in our field.
  • Airdrops. Are not you ready to invest your own funds yet? Follow the news and participate in the free distribution of coins!

We communicate with community members on our server in Discord and in a closed Telegram channel.

Content that subscribers of the closed community receive cannot be found in the public domain – it is structured and up-to-date information from experts, insights and real experience.

What you will learn in just a month after subscribing

Self-learning to earn money on cryptocurrency can give good results, but only under one condition – discipline. You will have to spend time searching for and structuring information every day, studying dozens of articles, at least half of which contain irrelevant or false data.

Participation in a closed community is a conscious approach to the study of the crypto market. Our novice traders understand clearly why they came to the community, what they want to achieve in a few months, set realistic goals and successfully achieve them.

You will learn in just a month of participating in the community:

  • build effective trading setups on the stock exchange independently;
  • analyze news from the crypto world and understand how they affect the state of the market;
  • choose promising coins and investment strategies.

You do not waste time by subscribing, but you learn by doing from the first day, get feedback from mentors and support from other community members. Join Crypto Crew and earn with us!