Learn cryptocurrency trading:
Trader [LIVE] by Crypto Crew
One of the largest cryptocurrency communities in Asia and Europe, maintaining a user CRR of 93%

Live with the support of mentors
from zero to profit following the innovative
“Smart Money” trading method


Stop watching outdated
and irrelevant courses!
2 video lessons with detailed
analysis and 1 live stream
with a mentor per week
10 hours of video material
and 10 hours of live
communication with a mentor
1 month of training with
each lesson recorded for
your further use
Innovative and friendly
Discord platform
Ability to learn a skill,
apply it and earn from any part
of the world
2 weeks in the
community for free
for your support


For beginners in trading and the world of cryptocurrency
For those actively trading with technical analysis who do not understand why their trades
are in the red
For “Smart Money”
traders who want
to improve their skills


Mastering cryptocurrency
trading skills following the
"Smart Money" concept
Receiving support from mentors
and breakdown of your
questions LIVE
Gaining understanding of the structure
and mechanics of the market, learning
to analyze coins for intraday trading
Making your first cryptocurrency
trades and coming out with a profit
Getting analytics, video recordings
of lessons, and all additional materials
Learning how to select coins
for your portfolio for long
and short terms


  • choch
  • bos
  • ATM
  • rto
  • weak and
    strong points
  • imbalance
  • orderblock
  • fu orderblock
  • ob(ob), ob(im)
  • breaker
  • stb/bts zones
  • weak
  • s2d
  • fibonacci
    table valuesі)
  • OTE
  • mitigated/unmitigated
  • time frame synchronization
  • Btc chart correlation to altokines. The cycle of market behavior given the dominance of btc.
  • proper range setup
  • range work
  • deviation
  • divergence
  • AMD cycle
  • the Wyckoff method
  • equal lows
  • equal highs
  • trend line liquidity
  • sfp (swing failure
  • three drives pattern
  • momentum
Financial Strategy
  • Risk management
  • Facilities management
  • Correct position calculation


No more than 40 people in one LIVE training group with support curators and checking remote sensing
Online meetings with a mentor, recorded lessons and access to the community
2 mentors teach you live at your
convenience time, support and give advice
+ fixed curator
The first partner of PrivatBank in the field
of cryptocurrency under the Chugaister program
Up to 6 months 0%
Up to 5 months 0%
Two installments 10%

Trader Smart Money PROGRAM

LIVE training is actually live! No outdated recorded videos
Breaking down problems and issues that you encounter - live
The information delivery style is called "directly to your mind".
That means we won’t leave you until we hear "I’ve absolutely understood everything"
Curators for systematic support while learning
Simplifying the "Way of the Warrior". We're here to support you
in becoming a warrior so that you can do it much faster than you would on your own
At group training, mentors find a personalized approach to each participant and pay close attention to ensure that the questions are fully answered
Visual and schematic examples in classes.
All you need to do is to use them
Recordings of every lesson held, so you can review
and refresh your knowledge and skills
Understanding of market mechanics, accurate and timely perception of the situation on the market
Bonus - 1 free month in the community. Communicating
with other traders will boost your knowledge
The Discord server and Telegram channel, created for the study group, will not be deleted after the training - you will always have access to the information gained
Bonus - 2 free week in the community. Communicating
with other traders will boost your knowledge
Homework feedback. One of the most important parts of our training is to work on your mistakes and automate your skills with practice
Support from mentors 24/7
(within reason)
Start of training
when typing each
100 pers
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About us

Crypto Crew is the largest and most effective crypto community of Europe. A unique ecosystem of comprehensive development
in the world of cryptocurrencies. Users use only verified information and choose any of all known directions
for their development in the crypto.
№1 in Europe
More than 1 year we keep the price
of Bitcoin with an accuracy
of 97.3% in open access
The opportunity to pay in installments
We are official cryptocurrency partners
of PrivatBank under the Chuguister

Mass Media about us

Can I start from scratch, if I don't understand anything about crypto?
The training and the program are designed in such a way that you can easily learn the material and gain skills thanks to the LIVE format, which enables us to build a personalized learning strategy for you, breaking down all your questions and issues.
What if I don't like this sphere?
You can request a refund during the first two classes (according to your group's study schedule)
if you don't like the crypto course.
How long does the training last?
The duration of our training is 1 calendar month. But you will always be able to watch the recordings
of any of the classes that were held LIVE, at any point.