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Companies and enterprises that are already implementing cryptocurrency in their work

Companies and enterprises that are already implementing cryptocurrency in their work

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The topic of cryptocurrency does not lose its relevance, not only among financiers, popularizers of digital currency, but also among ordinary people. Is it really possible to make money on it? Who and how it is already? All of this has to be dealt with.

Companies that already accept cryptocurrency

It is worth considering in more detail which large companies invest in cryptocurrency. These are the most striking examples:

  • AirBaltic. We are talking about an air carrier from Latvia, which is among the top 10 innovative carriers in the world. Cooperation with the Bitpay platform helps in conducting financial transactions. Thus, the cryptocurrency is converted into euros at the current airfare rate.
  • Chain of restaurants “KFC”. Network of establishments in Canada began accepting Bitcoin as payment for an order for the first time in 2018.
  • PayPal payment system, which was among the first to recognize digital currency as a means of payment.

Collaboration with the blockchain startup Paxos also contributes to this goal.

  • Microsoft is an IT giant that allows you to pay with this currency for digital content.
  • “Subway”. It is one of the leaders in the fast food industry, which allows paying for goods with cryptocurrencies. The network encourages such customers even by providing a 15% discount. Most of the network’s outlets are located in the United States.
  • You cannot miss and not mention in the list the company “Starbucks”, which accepts cryptocurrency in a chain of coffee shops throughout the United States.

Really large companies have supported the use of cryptocurrencies as you can see. A logical question arises: why did not others follow suit?

There are several reasons, the first of which is the instability of the exchange rate. The cost of a digital currency can change, and significantly indeed. This kind of instability can harm business; it is a risk, so many refrain from this decision.

But the number of companies, showing interest, is gradually growing. This trend will only increase over time, so it can be assumed.

Top 5 blockchain companies: profitable investment

It is worth considering those organizations that already offer blockchain-based products when considering companies related to cryptocurrencies.

  1. International Business Machines. The company occupies a leading position in the field of hardware and software. The management has invested in blockchain technologies in addition.
  2. Square. Investors have the opportunity to trade digital currency directly through the Cash App, which is very convenient.
  1. “DocuSign”. It uses Ethereum to sign client agreements.
  2. “Nvidia”. The company pays attention to the direction of blockchain technologies; it produces chips for crypto mining.
The last place in the top is occupied by the online store “”. A large online store has provided an opportunity for customers to make purchases for cryptocurrency since 2014. The currency at first was Bitcoin, and the list of acceptable options has expanded over time. This is one of the first online trading platforms that provided an opportunity. We should highlight the active investment of the company, which is connected precisely with blockchain projects.

Crypto earnings: financial recommendations

You can earn on cryptocurrency indeed. The difficulty is only in the fact that it is almost impossible to understand the entire array of information on your own, especially for a beginner.

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