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Crypto Crew is the first crypto community in Ukraine

Crypto Crew is the first crypto community in Ukraine

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Our team has learned from their own experience that it is not easy to learn how to make money on cryptocurrency on your own having gone from beginners to professional traders. It takes a lot of time, entails high risks, requires serious self-discipline.

Therefore, we have created the first crypto community in Ukraine, where you can not only discuss news from the crypto world with other members of the community, but also learn, gain the skills necessary for investing and playing on the stock exchange.

What is special about Crypto Crew?

The Crypto Crew team works with beginners and experienced traders. Our common goal is to earn on cryptocurrency without risks to your capital successfully. This is what we teach our participants. The community was created for everyone, who is ready to develop, immerse themselves in the study of trading, and different ways of making money on digital assets, and work on their trading strategy.

We have created not just a community, but an entire ecosystem, which includes a training course and participation in the community. Our students receive daily analytics from professionals, participate in LIVE broadcasts, get acquainted with the review of promising coins. The task of mentors is to teach community members to act independently on the exchange, making informed decisions based on analytical data.

Communication in the community takes place in a closed Telegram channel and on our platform in Discord. There you will find useful training materials, analysis of setups, recommendations from professionals, support and motivation.

Who can study at Crypto Crew?

Learning to make money on cryptocurrency in Crypto Crew is suitable not only for beginners, who are just starting to master the cryptocurrency market, learning trading strategies and investment rules. Participation in the community and education will be useful for traders, who trade on the exchange on their own, but consider that the strategy they have chosen is not effective enough and want to play the exchange more successfully. It will be also interesting for traders using the concept of Smart Money with us. We will help them to improve their skills and reach a new level.

You can study at Crypto Crew in a group or individually. We recruit groups of 40 people, with whom the curator works. Students, who choose an individual course work with two mentors, live. The course lasts one month, and at the end of it you will have permanent access to training materials to refresh your knowledge at any time.

You can join our community for a month, three months or a whole year. You get full access to analytical materials by subscribing; you can participate in live broadcasts, an investment club.

Do you doubt your abilities? We will help you to come to the exchange prepared and confident, share our experience and knowledge, and offer effective trading strategies that will take you a minimum of time to master.

What can you learn from the Crypto Crew community just in one month?

You can be convinced of the effectiveness of the program and the training method of Crypto Crew just in a month of participation in the community. It is not necessary to have a large deposit to start earning. Our students get a profit even with a minimum start-up capital, because the main thing is to be able to manage it correctly.

You will get the following results as part of a team:

  • Master the principles of the concept of “smart money” and take the first steps in trading by choosing the right strategy for earning.
  • Learn to make and diversify your investment portfolio on your own, to minimize risks.
  • Close the first successful transactions and get real income.
  • Understand how the cryptocurrency market works, learn to recognize its trends, analyze popular coins and choose promising assets for trading.
  • Understand the psychological tricks and manipulations that beginners and even experienced traders successfully increase capital.

Our mentors know how to find an approach to each student and community member; they are ready to support and give useful advice, correct your trading strategies and help you to avoid mistakes. Join the Crypto Crew today to close your first trades and get profitable just in a few weeks!