Economic diversification

Economic diversification

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Investments in cryptocurrency and digital assets are risky due to high market volatility. An investor can protect capital from a recession by diversifying strategies and building a balanced portfolio. Let’s figure out what risk and asset diversification is, why it is important for traders and crypto investors.

What is economic diversification in simple terms

Diversification in the economy is an increase in the activity of an organization that wants to expand the scope of its activities, develop additional markets for greater profits. In relation to companies that produce goods or provide services, economic diversification means expanding the range and finding additional markets. The strategy allows you to improve the quality of services, and also significantly reduces the risk of bankruptcy.

In simple words, economic diversification is a change or expansion of activities, a reorientation of the main strategy that makes the organization diversified.

In the crypto market and in investments, diversification is a way to reduce risks and allocate assets. In order to protect capital in the event of a sharp drop in the asset price, the investor invests in various projects that differ in a number of parameters, for example, capitalization. Proper distribution of funds and drawing up a balanced investment portfolio protects capital and opens up new opportunities.

Why is economic diversification important?

Diversification of the economy is the way to develop, scale and reduce risks. It is important not only for business, but also for investors. Even if you have modest capital and are ready to invest it in cryptocurrency , you should think about risk diversification even before buying an asset. Experienced investors never focus on one coin, they make up a portfolio of cryptocurrencies , stocks, bonds of different classes.

Neglecting diversification, the investor risks losing part of the capital, sometimes significant, if the selected asset loses a lot in price. In the cryptocurrency market, such situations often occur, since it is sensitive to any economic changes, cryptocurrency rates can drop significantly in just a few days.

Economic diversification strategies

Economic diversification strategies are designed to dynamically respond businesses to market changes. Among the variety of strategies, several main ones can be distinguished:

  • Concentric. It involves the emergence of new products and services to expand the scope of activities and enter a new market.

  • Horizontal. It is used for the development of existing production, the introduction of new areas of activity.

  • conglomerate. It consists in the creation of subsidiaries whose activities differ from the parent.

Diversification of economic risks from investments

We have described a conditional classification of strategies used by businesses. A trader and investor in the cryptocurrency market should develop their own strategy based on popular concepts and rules. He can do this by following a few rules:

  1. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, so it is not worth investing all available funds in crypto. You need to invest as much as you are not afraid to lose.

  2. Different coins have a high degree of correlation among themselves. If the Bitcoin rate collapses, it will drag the rates of other popular coins with it. It is almost impossible to create a portfolio of assets independent of each other, but by choosing tokens with different functionality and different capitalization, you can reduce risks.

  3. You need to invest gradually. By investing a small amount in virtual assets every month, you can reduce the risks of volatility, choose more promising coins and gradually improve your diversification strategy, focusing on market dynamics and trends.

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