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How to buy crypto from the card

How to buy crypto from the card

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You need to purchase a digital currency before you start trading on a cryptocurrency exchange. Now there are many different available methods. One of the most popular is to use a debit or credit card. It is worth remembering that in most cases a mandatory condition is the passage of identity verification.

How to buy cryptocurrency on binance from a card: features of the procedure

As a rule, there is nothing complicated. It is enough to follow a few simple steps. First of all, you should enter your personal account, find it on the main page and click the “Buy Now” button. But before you buy cryptocurrency from the card, you will be offered a window where you need to select a fiat currency (dollar, euro, and others); as well as enter the amount you plan to spend. Then there will be an automatic calculation of the cryptocurrency. If you are satisfied with the quantity, click the “Continue” button.

Then select the “Visa / Mastercard” column from the proposed payment methods. Next, you will need to fill in the card details: name, number, expiration date, CVV code. Then the “Pay with New Card” window will appear, where there is such information about the place of residence is entered:

  • country of residence;
  • street;
  • city;
  • postcode.

Card details will be added and saved. In the future, you will not need to fill in all the data before buying cryptocurrency on binance from the card.

The next step is to check the specified data for making payment, commission and confirm the operation. This must be done within 60 seconds. Why is that?  Because, the cost and the amount of digital currency is recalculated in accordance with the market price in a minute. You need to click the “Update” button.

You will be redirected to the payment processing page and will be asked for a one-time code to confirm the transaction.

How to buy cryptocurrency from a card without commission

It is no secret that when making transactions, a bank transfer fee is taken. Therefore, many people are interested in the question: how to buy a crypt for binance from a card without paying an additional percentage? Indeed, there is a way out. You need to click the “Buy cryptocurrency” button, then select the “P2P trading” item to do this. Then select the desired digital currency and filter all ads. Specify the amount, currency, and also as a payment method the bank with the card of which you will carry out the operation.

Using P2P trading, payment transactions are carried out without any fees.

How to buy crypto without card verification

Some users do not want to be verified. Therefore, another frequently asked question is how to buy cryptocurrency from a card without verification?  Traders need to create a Binance sub-account to do this. It is an additional trading tool. Its creation is possible through a special Cryptorobotics cryptocurrency trading platform.

How to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card

This can be done not only from a PC, but also using a mobile application. The procedure is practically no different from standard operations. Before you buy cryptocurrency through a bank credit card, go to the “Buy Crypto” section. Just select the “Credit / Debit Card” section to do this. Specify the local currency (pay attention to the limits) and the amount you will spend. Then set the type of digital currency to buy. Press the “Buy BTC” button (the name of the selected crypt is indicated after the word Buy).

Then follow all the instructions for filling in the card data. You will receive your bitcoins as soon as the transaction is processed. This usually happens instantly.

We gave you the information on how to buy cryptocurrency with a card on binance. The main thing is to follow all the instructions strictly. Only then will all transactions be successful. Cryptocurrency exchanges allow the use of both debit and credit cards. There are restrictions only on the amount of input-output of fiat money for the purchase of digital currency.

But if you still have problems regarding the purchase of crypto from the card, ask any questions to the professional Crypto Crew team. Experts will help, as well as give all recommendations on how to buy cryptocurrency with a debit / credit card.

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