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How to buy cryptocurrency in Ukraine

How to buy cryptocurrency in Ukraine

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Cryptocurrency is fixing in our lives more and more.  Everyone can earn cryptocurrency and live on it!  You will learn how and where you can buy a crypt, whether it is legal in Ukraine and whether it can be sold from our article.

What is cryptocurrency and how to buy it in Ukraine

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that cannot be touched or used in a physical store.  Such money can be created and stored in blockchains.

If you are interested in how you can buy cryptocurrency in Ukraine, then we will name at least 5 ways:

  1. Terminals
  2. Р2Р – platforms
  3. Offline exchangers
  4. Intermediaries
  5. Crypto exchanges

Let’s consider all these options more detailed.


You can purchase digital money for cash through the terminal. You will need to find a bitcoin terminal or crypto terminal, and deposit the necessary amount of money for the purchase to do this. After that you get cryptocurrencies to your online wallet.

You will see all step-by-step instructions on how to buy cryptocurrency in Ukraine now on the terminal screen.

Р2Р – platforms

P2P platforms resemble marketplaces. Here you can choose the ad you are interested in, write to the seller and agree on the purchase.  You can both buy cryptocurrency in Ukraine 2022 for a beginner quickly and safely on the P2P platform.  Money that the buyer transfers to the seller’s account is credited to the platform’s account.  After the seller confirms that the funds have been received, the crypto money is transferred to the buyer’s account.

Offline exchangers

Offline exchangers are the sites that sell cryptocurrency through various banking systems, such as PrivatBank or Monobank.  Offline exchangers allow you to buy cryptocurrency in Ukraine for both dollars and hryvnia.


Buying cryptocurrency through an intermediary is a risk.  In this case, you must trust the person or know positive reviews about him from acquaintances or friends.  A deal with an intermediary is similar to working with the P2P platform, only without guarantees.

Crypto Exchanges

There is a question of how to buy cryptocurrency in Ukraine safely?  Crypto exchanges are the most reliable option! In order to sell or buy digital currency on a crypto exchange, you need to pass an identity check – send copies of your documents to the exchange.

The exchange also has a special storage with the collection of assets of all users.  When hackers try to hack the exchange, thieves will not be able to cash out the accounts.

Is the cryptocurrency legal

On February 17, 2022, digital money was legalized by decree of President Volodymyr Zelensky. The Law “On Virtual Assets” will come into force after changes in the Tax Code.  The bill is going through the necessary procedures in Parliament.

Popular cryptocurrency exchanges

Ukraine has 4 exchanges that allow you to withdraw and deposit hryvnia. Thanks to exchanges, you can replenish your crypto wallet and buy digital currency.  Let’s take a closer look at these exchanges.


You can both buy and sell cryptocurrency in Ukraine on this exchange.  WhiteBIT has over 2.5 million users and allows you to trade without identity verification.  The exchange has a limit on the withdrawal of cryptocurrency – up to 2 pcs. per day.


Binance allows you to sell from 100 UAH. You must pass an identity check to register on the exchange. The withdrawal is up to one hundred bitcoins.


The site provides you with 2 ways to buy crypto:

  1. Put money into the exchange account and sell digital currency.
  2. Buy with P2P.

The exchange also has educational videos for those who are interested in how to buy cryptocurrency in Ukraine in 2022 for a beginner.


Kuna has more than 450 thousand users and makes it possible to buy cryptocurrency for hryvnia.  The exchange provides a referral program that allows you to get additional profit up to 70% of the commission from the people you invited.

When to invest in cryptocurrency

No one knows the exact time for investing in cryptocurrency, but there are several rules that will help you to make choice:

  • do not invest more than 2-4% of the capital;
  • buy 1 cryptocurrency;
  • follow the course of coins and do not rush to make spontaneous decisions.

How to sell cryptocurrency

You can exchange digital money in various ways: exchange services, bitcoin stores, intermediaries, exchanges or electronic wallets.  Both beginners and professionals can work with the Crypto Crew team. Here you can learn a lot of new things or share your experience with others. In order to take the course, all you need to do is submit an application.