How to make money on cryptocurrency in Ukraine

How to make money on cryptocurrency in Ukraine

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Investments and earnings on cryptocurrency are accessible to more people than it seems. The entry threshold in this field is quite low, you do not need to have a special education and a large starting capital to buy the first crypto and start receiving income from it. We will tell you how to make money on cryptocurrency for a beginner.

Why should you start earning on crypto

The cryptocurrency market is attractive due to its novelty and relatively small number of participants, although every year there are more and more of them. Cryptocurrency has high volatility, so with proper planning and forecasting, you can significantly increase your capital.

A few reasons for a beginner to start earning on cryptocurrency in 2022 :

  • Low entry threshold. As we have already said, anyone who is ready to invest a certain amount and immerse himself in the study of the field can start investing in virtual currency and earn on it. To begin with, it is not necessary to have tens of thousands of dollars, a couple of hundred dollars is enough. And you can learn how to earn money on courses from professional traders.

  • Variety In the cryptosphere, there are many ways of earning money of varying complexity, some of them are suitable only for professionals, but even a beginner will be able to find a suitable option for himself. In addition , there are thousands of cryptocurrencies to invest in, many of which are still cheap.

  • Passive income. In order to earn money on cryptocurrency , it is not necessary to sit in front of a monitor for days , analyze graphs and follow quotes. There are many ways of passive income that are simple and understandable for beginners.

Is it realistic to make money from trading cryptocurrency ?

Cryptocurrency trading is one of the most popular types of earnings on virtual assets. Ego’s principle is simple: buy cheaper and sell at peak prices. However, the simple principle of trading does not mean that it is easy to make money from it. Trading is worth learning, spending time mastering analysis, studying the market and its trends. The volatility of the exchange rate, the dependence of the asset price on supply and demand, the unpredictability of the market – all these are pluses for professionals, but minuses for a beginner, because it is difficult for a beginner trader to make a profit without having basic knowledge and skills.

How much can you earn from trading Cryptocurrencies are difficult to say unequivocally. A trader’s income depends on the starting capital, the chosen trading strategy and his skills. To start trading , you need to choose one of the popular exchanges and register on it. But first you should go through training and master the basics.

Advantages of trading :

  • high profitability;

  • the opportunity to trade at any time of the day;

  • lack of need to buy special and expensive equipment.

Trading minutes :

  • high dashes;

  • the need to invest in your training and skill development;

  • the need for self-discipline.

Passive earnings on cryptocurrency

Trading cryptocurrencies are one of the most profitable options for earning. There are others, less profitable, but simple and do not require serious efforts and knowledge from a beginner.

How to earn cryptocurrency with minimal effort:

  • Holding or long-term investments. You can buy cryptocurrency on the stock exchange , through an exchange or a P2P platform and forget about it for a while, and then sell it at a higher price when the rate rises.

  • Staking . Stakers block their cryptocurrency in a wallet and receive a reward from the trading platform for this. This is an analogue of a bank deposit. Exchanges use staking to maintain the functionality of the blockchain .

  • Landing . Cryptocurrency is borrowed by exchanges or private individuals, and in return the owner receives interest. Platforms or private traders take crypt in a loan to trade with leverage.

  • Investments in crypto funds . Having invested money in a cryptocurrency fund, you receive a profit from the sale of liquid assets that the selected fund trades. How much can you earn on cryptocurrency staking depends on how much you are willing to invest.

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