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How to withdraw cryptocurrency from the exchange to the card after the ban on banks (p2p)

How to withdraw cryptocurrency from the exchange to the card after the ban on banks (p2p)

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Nowadays many people have an acute question about how to withdraw cryptocurrency from the exchange to the card. Since, due to the situation in the country, many banks have introduced restrictions, related to the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies and the legalization of income.

Ways to withdraw cryptocurrency from the exchange after the ban on banks

One of the most popular ways are online exchangers. It cannot be called the most profitable. But the method is one of the simplest and most convenient. There are a lot of offers in the cryptocurrency market now. You should be careful therefore when choosing a service so as not to fall into the trap of scammers. Using these online exchangers is quite simple. You need just to specify the details, transfer funds and wait for transfers.

Many people ask how to withdraw cryptocurrency from the binance exchange to a Privatbank card? It is easy to do. Go to your personal account on the platform, select the “Withdrawal” and “Fiat” sections, and fill in all the necessary information according to the instructions. A one-time password is entered to confirm the operation. There is a way to simplify it using the peer-to-peer platform to make the transaction as convenient as possible. What is it and how does it work?

р2р – service features

Peer-to-peer trading is a type of transaction where funds are exchanged directly between the seller and buyer. The platform is loved by users due to its simplicity and security.

Only two people are involved in the procedure:

  • taker is a person who places an order for an announcement. He buys or sells digital currency;
  • maker is a person who places an advertisement directly for the sale-purchase of cryptocurrencies.

It is convenient that you can agree on a price on the platform that will be optimal for both parties.

The undoubted advantage of the service is that there is no additional commission for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency in most cases; it is equal to 0.

The advantages of the platform also include:

  • possibility to choose a payment method. Some makers offer the use of electronic money or even gift cards in addition to bank transfers;
  • reliability. The service offers to get acquainted with the rating of sellers (the number of successfully completed transactions, the level of confidence of traders), so the risk of being deceived is minimal.

p2p platform – instructions for withdrawing funds to the card

Let’s consider how to withdraw cryptocurrency from the binance exchange to a card via peer-to-peer. We go through authorization on the site first, then to the “Payment” section and select P2P. First of all, we select the payment method, the bank to the card of which the funds will be credited. Next, go to the “Wallet-Wallet Overview” and click the “Transfer” button. Then check the box next to “P2P account” in the pop-up window, select the type of crypt for sale and indicate the amount. Click the “Confirm” button if everything is correct.

Next, go to the “Trade-P2P” section. Click “Sell” and indicate the approximate amount (it will help to exclude unsuitable options immediately). We select the payment method then (if you want to change the method specified at the very beginning) and click “Sell” the desired type of digital currency. You will see a window in which you need to enter the amount of crypto to sell. There will be a calculation of the amount of money (at the rate of the maker) to be credited to your card immediately. Click the “Sell” button if you are completely satisfied with everything. You need to wait for receipt on the card only.

After the operation is completed, a window with all the information about the transaction will immediately appear. There will be a chat in which you can definitely communicate with the counterparty.

Do not be discouraged if you have any difficulties or do not know how to withdraw crypto from the exchange to the card after the banks are banned. The professional Crypto Crew team will help both beginners and those, who have been in the trading world, to deal with all the nuances. Our specialists will do everything, so that, if you have any difficulties, cryptocurrency trading becomes the most profitable, simple and safe. We will be glad to see you among our clients.