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NFT training

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NFT is a new phenomenon unlike cryptocurrency, but already rapidly gaining popularity. You can earn money on NFT and even make this type of income the main source of income. Making money on NFTs is worth learning in order to invest in promising projects without risks as with cryptocurrencies.

What is NFT?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. It is a certificate that secures the owner’s ownership of a particular digital asset. NFT can be in the form of a picture, a meme, music, any object converted into a virtual format. The certificate is created by blockchain technology, so it is unique and cannot be faked.

The data in the blockchain is interchangeable and equivalent when a cryptocurrency is created using blockchain technology, so every bitcoin is equal to other bitcoins, the same with other cryptocurrencies. Everything is different with NFT: tokens are unique and not interchangeable.

This allows NFTs to be used to prove the ownership of art objects.

Is it possible to make money on NFT?

People buy NFTs for a variety of reasons – to secure ownership of a virtual item, to add to a collection, and make money. You can make money on NFT in the same way as on cryptocurrency – buy a token cheaper and sell it more expensive after a while.

You do not get the drawing itself, but the ownership right when you buy an NFT of an object, such as a drawing. Ownership is represented as a record by blockchain technology in this case. The purchased NFT drawing remains on the Internet, users can distribute and copy it, but only the owner can sell the ownership. This means that you can trade the token itself, and not the object to which it is attached.

Not only ordinary users, but also large companies earn on NFT. World famous and popular sportswear brands sell tokens for exclusive goods that exist in the real world.

You can enter the NFT market and earn money as a token creator. Designers or musicians can do this not only artists. There are many virtual character tokens that are generated on special platforms randomly.

How to create a token:

  1. Register a cryptocurrency wallet, for example, on Trust Wallet.
  2. Select an NFT trading platform, such as OpenSea.
  3. Upload a file to create a token.
  4. Top up a cryptocurrency wallet to pay the commission and fees of the platform.
  5. Put the token up for auction or sale.

You can also invest in NFTs and earn on the resale of tokens. It is a digital asset that is bought and sold like a cryptocurrency. Almost all investors buy tokens for the purpose of resale after the price rises. The difficulty lies in the fact that not all tokens grow in price and are promising investments. You need to follow the market and projects in the NFT format, analyze trends, and delve into the study of this area for competent and successful investments.

NFT training from professionals

You should not take NFT as a source of easy money and a way to make money safely, capable of making every token owner a millionaire absolutely. NFT is associated with risks like cryptocurrency; in order to make investments, you need to figure out which assets are worth investing in. Headlines sometimes pop up in the news feeds that some American teenager sold an NFT drawing, and made a couple of millions, but this is a rare case that savvy investors do not focus on.

It is important to understand the phenomenon of the sphere, learn to analyze which digital assets can be promising and popular, and it is worth learning from those, who have successfully made money on NFTs, in order to invest in NFTs and earn money. You will learn the most useful information about tokens, how to choose promising assets for investment, minimize financial risks, make successful transactions, and catch market trends in Crypto Crew. We have developed a course for beginners, creating one of the most popular communities in Ukraine. Experienced mentors will work with you, who have something to tell about the features of the NFT, and the digital asset market.