Trading Strategies

Trading Strategies

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Crypto-currency trader must have an earning strategy – this is a backward and convenient plan of action for him, which helps to achieve his goals with minimal losses or without them at all. Without a strategy, you should not enter the exchange, because chaotic actions will only lead to a drain on the deposit and disappointment. We will also tell you about today’s popular cryptocurrency trading strategies.

Why is it important to choose a trading strategy for trading and stick to it?

Having opened a position on a cryptocurrency exchange, a trader must adhere to a clear, pre-selected system. This system should be understandable to the user. Relying on chance and starting trading, not the name of the strategy, is dangerous for your deposit. The strategy is important for efficient and profitable trading, it allows you to systematize actions, calculate risks, and avoid significant capital losses.

One of the reasons why a trader needs a strategy is comfortable and calm trading. Having a system, you understand how to act in a given situation, avoiding stress and unrest. To trade cryptocurrency profitably, you need to be able to cope with emotions, relying only on cold calculation. Having the right strategy for you will help you maintain emotional balance and make the right decisions.

Popular Strategies

Cryptocurrency trading strategies, some are designed for traders of all levels, others are quite complex and suitable for advanced market players. We have selected several effective strategies that a beginner can quickly master.

Our top 3:

  1. Scalping. This strategy is by no means simple, but with effort and deepening in the study of the field, a beginner will be able to master and use it effectively. The essence of the strategy is to make a large number of transactions during one trading day. The task of a trader is to make a small profit from each transaction. The complexity of the tactics lies in the volatility of the cryptocurrency. During the day, quotes can change significantly, so the risks are high. To benefit from this strategy, it is important to be consistent, quickly react to price fluctuations, and also have charting skills.

  2. Trend trading. This is one of the most popular strategies used by traders of all levels. The main task is to determine in which direction the asset price is moving at a particular moment, as well as to carefully study the trends and their features. It is important to note that a trend can be local or global. It is advisable to follow the global trend in medium-term and long-term trading, and the local trend in short-term trading.

  3. Cryptocurrency arbitrage. During a period of high volatility in the cryptocurrency market, a situation often arises when the difference between coin rates on different exchanges and in different trading pairs is significant, sometimes it reaches 5% or more. Attentive traders take advantage of such situations and earn. A trader can open long and short positions on different cryptocurrency exchanges, protecting his assets from trend fluctuations. You can open arbitrage for a trading pair only within the same exchange.

It doesn’t matter what strategy a trader chooses, for successful cryptocurrency trading it is necessary to master technical and functional analysis, learn to work with charts and indicators. These are basic skills that help you use your strategy effectively and simplify the trading process.

How to choose the optimal strategy?

We have described only a few popular strategies that are suitable for beginners, in fact there are many more. You need to choose a trading strategy carefully, having studied the principles and rules for using all the proposed options, weighing the pros and cons, evaluating your goals, knowledge and skills in trading.

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