What prevents a crypto trader from earning

What prevents a crypto trader from earning

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Now the topic of digital currency is very common and is gaining popularity every day. Trader is a modern profession. It is complex, but quite promising, prestigious, but has a high risk of losing money.

Cryptotrader – who is he? This is a specialist who makes a profit by trading digital assets on cryptocurrency exchanges.

One of its main tasks is to analyze the current situation in the digital currency market.

Many people ask themselves: what does a crypto trader do and what are his responsibilities? The specialist carries out a transaction for the purchase / sale of a financial instrument in addition to the analysis of the market situation. The main task that a trader faces is to predict the situation correctly: to buy a crypt cheaper in order to sell it subsequently at a higher price. As a rule, a specialist must have a higher economic, financial, technical or mathematical education.

What are the earnings of a crypto trader? There is no fixed income. The trader’s income is accrued in the form of percentages from the concluded transactions. Oddly enough, but in many respects the level of wages depends on the experience and professionalism of the specialist. Therefore, there is no unequivocal answer to how much a crypto trader earns. What prevents him from getting a high profit? First of all, this is a profession in which human psychology is of great importance.

Psychological factors that hinder a crypto trader

A crypto trader is someone who earns with a great influence on his emotional component. Emotions are a factor that has a lot of weight in the success of a future transaction. How do they affect profit margins?

Fear and anxiety. This is a state in which the trader will not be able to reason and make the right decision rationally. These emotions make it impossible to assess the real state of the situation. In Forex trading, fear and anxiety manifests itself in the fact that a crypto trader:

  • leaving a profitable trade too early;
  • closing the position by stop loss.

Stinginess and extraversion. A crypto trader is a person who must build a trading strategy correctly, be patient and know a sense of proportion. The currency exchange is the place where you need to stop in time. Otherwise, the result will be a loss. Organized crypto trader – what is it? This is a person who increases his income gradually and does not deviate from the established trading system. Stinginess with impulsiveness has the following manifestations in trading:

  • there is no specific trading strategy;
  • constant re-trading;
  • failed trades.

Arrogance and inability to recognize one’s own mistakes.

Inability to accept a loss, excessive self-confidence, and misunderstanding of the market are big enemies for traders. They will 100% lead to a fall. Overconfidence leads to a refusal to close the stop loss position and unwanted active trading. Specialists forget to take into account changes in the market.

Cryptotrader Mistakes to Avoid When Trading

What is a crypto trader? This is a profession related to Forex. In order for trading to be as profitable as possible, several important and serious mistakes must be avoided.

Lack of strategy. The study of information and crypto-exchanges will not give anything. It is recommended to do a trading analysis of a large number of coins and choose the most suitable ones. Developing a profitable strategy is the first step to making money successfully in the foreign exchange market.

Excessive trading. The desire to get the maximum benefit in one evening is the wrong position. It should be understood that it takes time to earn a good profit. Before investing a large amount of investment, a thorough study of the foreign exchange market is required. It is strongly not recommended to trade every hour every day. It is important to take your time.

What is a crypto trader? This is a direction where it is strongly advised to develop your own trading strategy, and not to use ready-made solutions from other traders. A big mistake is to rely on the experience of other specialists. Yes, there are many good tips to take note of. But it is better to test such assumptions with facts and real statistics.

Using unoptimized tools. Who is a crypto trader? This is a person who should not choose the first trading instrument that comes across. After all, not every one of them will provide an opportunity to make transactions that will lead to profit.

An incorrectly selected instrument will prevent the trade from closing in a positive way for the trader.

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