Individual training

Yaroslav Lushyak
    • I have been trading for more than 3 years and use
      the concept of Smart Money.
    • I am moving as a mentor (Smart Money) and a trader,
      I also form a base of knowledge of the European
      psychology, amounted to a study plan for psychology.
    • I give analytics of coins in the company, analytics statistics
      for the last month + 24% to the deposit. Over the past month,
      17% of my own deposit was performed.
    • Trained several streams of students who successfully
      use their knowledge.
    • I am a speaker from the company and give the training
      base for our users.
    • I have a hasty and desire to develop students, I can easily submit
      material and the main thing is that I have a goal to hone your
      knowledge to the maximum level and teach you to use them.
Vladislav Shulga
    • For me, trading is art.
    • 25+ qualified professions in different spheres.
      Whatever you do if I’m sure, I create a shopping style
      that will fit only you.
    • More than 4 years of experience in Trading.
    • I studied a large number of concepts and strategies,
      so I can distinguish a dummy from a real instrument
      that brings income.
    • The unique SmartMoney training
      technique has no analogues.
Pavel Goloborodko
    • Trader Smart Money more than 3 years.
    • Trading in the middle of the day and train several business in
      one time, the grievance of the hibric concept of the trading
    • I give the information on how to trade without investing your
      time into the watching of graphic in the understandable form
    • I am sure that absolutely every person can be taught and
      the main thing is the wish.
Artem Nikolyshens
    • Is in the field of trading since 2020.
    • I am successfully trading both on the crypto
      market and in the stock.
    • The result in the last month reaches more
      than 14% to the deposit.
    • Trading is freedom, everybody says that, but only few succeed.
    • While all build trade strategies, spend tonne of time and still
      remain in losses, I will teach you to see graphics by the eyes
      of a professional with great trading experience by the concept
      of SmartMoney! Let’s start your profitable trader’s career.