Customer reviews

Evgen Nazarenko

I have been a member of the community for the second month, during this time a lot of new things became clear for me, and there is definitely a progress, I plan to continue learning. Crypto Crew always has, interesting and useful top information. I also come across a course, most likely, from such months I will sign up, because there is not enough knowledge, but I want to feel freer and more confident in this area.

Many thanks to the guys for your work, it really helps and motivates to work harder and harder!

Marina Popova

I completed a training course at Crypto Crew. This is very cool, thanks! When I paid for the course, I was not 100% sure that I would get some real experience, but it was interesting. The course is standing, assembled from the right material, without water and empty chatter. There is a lot of information garbage in the public domain, which only takes time. Here you go in order, focusing on important topics.

My result after completing the course is plus almost 15% to the deposit. This is a worthwhile waste of money and time.

Maxim Didenko

At first, I followed Crypto Crew in an open channel, then subscribed to the community, and began to learn from the proposed materials. But I am a complete zero in the field, so it was hard to study on my own; I constantly wanted to ask questions. Nevertheless, I decided to take the course,

I studied in a group, everything is clear, and if not, they will always chew it up, help me understand complex topics. The teachers are super, explain clearly, reveal topics interestingly and answer questions patiently. I am satisfied with the result.

Anastasia Filipchuk

I subscribed to the Crypto Crew community and have been with them for more than a month, a very convenient and useful format. Yes, on a full-fledged course, it should be more informative, but so far there is no way to get trained. But the community is already helping a lot, especially in the technical part of trading.

If you set a goal, then a lot of useful and interesting things can be found here in order to work on the topic independently. I think doubling your trading income is a great result. Thank you!

Roman Borisov

For a couple of months in the community, I learned a lot and upgraded my skills. The result is this – I came with a deposit of $ 400, now it is $ 530. I think that this is already a good result, considering that I devote about an hour a day to learning, I can’t do more yet, and I’m not very active in trading yet.

The main thing for me is that most transactions are successful, I learned how to exit them on time without losing my deposit for nothing, I figured out difficult issues for myself. I do not plan to leave, when there is more time, I will take the course.

Irina Gaiduk

I came to the closed Crypto Crew Сommunity on the friend’s advice, we are mastering trading together, learning to invest in cryptocurrency and NFT. I did not expect that I would find so much useful and practical information here, on technical analysis in particular.

I thought about taking the course, I think it will be a good investment in self-education. Thank you guys for your knowledge and support! Now I spend all my free time studying, I try to study all the materials offered here.