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Friendly or toxic community, what’s the difference?

Friendly or toxic community, what’s the difference?

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Crypto communities are created for beginners and experienced traders. They help to master the skills of trading on the stock exchange quickly and effectively, understand complex topics, find like-minded people and useful contacts. How to choose a friendly community and not waste time in vain? Let’s talk about how and where to find the best community and start earning on crypto as quickly as possible.

What is a friendly community?

So, what is a friendly community for those who want to learn how to make money on cryptocurrency? This is a community of like-minded people, where mentors help beginners understand complex topics, gain useful trading skills and avoid mistakes. And the members of such a community are friendly to each other, help with advice, support, share experience and success, get inspired by the results and learn trading together.

Key features of a friendly community:

  • no hate and offensive comments;
  • a friendly team, united by a common goal and values;
  • support and positive reaction to the success of other members of the community.

What does toxic crypto community mean?

Toxicity is a natural psychological trait inherent in every person in certain circumstances. Society has learned to suppress it and restrain itself in order to get along in the team. However, there are clear signs of toxicity that prevent participants from making progress and achieving their goals in some communities.

A toxic crypto community is not uncommon unfortunately. Participants in large groups encounter a large amount of hate and unfriendly attitude towards themselves, as a result they get disappointed very quickly, lose motivation and strength to develop. These communities should be avoided without wasting people’s time.

Signs of toxicity

Crypto communities are not always useful and safe for their members, like any large communities. We have encountered toxic communities of traders more than once, and have identified several key signs for ourselves as:

  • Feeling of self-importance. People with a low level of awareness and an inability to take a different position are often convinced that their SPW is constantly under attack from the outside. The people around me are against it, everyone is jealous of my success, and everyone is trying to cheat. It is worth considering whether you need to be part of such a community if you notice that community members suffer from this.
  • Hate and insults online. Community members communicate online, they have the opportunity to comment on each other’s messages and express their own opinions. But not everyone knows how to do it respectfully and friendly.
  • Arrogance of mentors. Mentors in crypto communities are usually experienced traders, who have achieved a certain level of success. A toxic mentor does not miss the opportunity to demonstrate his superiority over beginners, while an experienced and professional mentor, who respects students, will always give good advice, patiently answer all questions and help correct mistakes.

What does a friendly community look like, and how do you get there?

The friendly crypto community is a close-knit team, led by successful traders, who want to share their experience and knowledge with newcomers. Novice traders can safely ask even the most naive questions without fear of being misunderstood in such a community. The goal of the friendly community mentors is to give the participants maximum up-to-date information, teach how to use it in practice and achieve the first positive results.

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