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How to choose a mentor in crypto

How to choose a mentor in crypto

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Successful earnings on the crypt are the result of learning. Investing and trading require knowledge and skills like any commercial activity. It is easier to get them if there is an experienced mentor, who is ready to help you understand not only the basics, but also the nuances of trading on the stock exchange and other types of earnings on the crypt.

Do you need a crypto mentor?

A beginner has two options for learning how to make money on cryptocurrency: on his own or with a mentor. The first method is free, but difficult and lengthy. It is necessary to search for information on your own, understand the complexities of the crypto market, learn from your own mistakes, which only a few manage to avoid.

A beginner will master the basic skills quickly by choosing training with a mentor, because he will regularly receive up-to-date information, and he will always be able to ask the mentor a question and get advice. A mentor helps to minimize mistakes and losses, come to the exchange prepared and confident.

You need a mentor if:

  • you are just starting to study cryptocurrency and ways to make money on it;
  • you’re not going to waste time studying hundreds of useless guides and outdated information;
  • you want to start earning on cryptocurrencies with minimal investment.

How to choose a mentor?

The first task of a new trader is to find a good mentor. It should be a person, who has not just studied information from the public domain, but has gone from a beginner to a professional himself. It is easier and more efficient to learn how to make money on cryptocurrency together with specialists, who invest and trade on the stock exchange professionally.

The best option is to join a popular community, whose mentors have developed an author’s course of study, created a convenient and accessible program, set realistic goals for students, and directly talked about risks.

It is important to understand that a mentor is not a person, who will earn money for you, but someone, who will help you learn how to make money on cryptocurrency on your own, building your own effective strategy.

Qualities of a good mentor

It is impossible to become a good mentor without having skills in working with people, an interest in the positive result of students and a sincere desire to share knowledge and experience.

A mentor, who will guide you into the world of cryptocurrency and help you invest and earn confidently, should have the following qualities:

  • High level of loyalty. The mentor has to answer questions in detail, explain complex topics in simple words, and be flexible when working with beginners.
  • Experience. You need to learn from professionals, so the mentor must understand the crypt thoroughly, knowing how the market works, what the course depends on, what tricks traders use, and how not to fall for manipulation.
  • Ability for constructive criticism. Those who are just starting to make money on the crypt often make mistakes, and the mentor should point out them in the appropriate form, help to correct them and prevent them from happening in the future.

Mentorship in Crypto Crew

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