Diversification of activities

Diversification of activities

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The principle of diversification of a trader’s activity is to reduce the risks from investments by distributing funds between different assets. A competent approach to diversification involves investing in assets that are not related to each other or are minimally related, differing in liquidity, capitalization, functionality, degree of risk and profitability. Let’s see why diversification is necessary and how to use it.

Why is diversification important for a trader and an investor?

Diversification of entrepreneurial activity consists in redistributing assets, expanding the list of services or goods, opening up new directions for scaling up business and entering new markets. In business, this strategy allows you to make the company diversified, reduce the risk of bankruptcy in case one of the activities of the organization turns out to be unprofitable.

In the cryptocurrency sphere, diversification of activity is the purchase of assets of different groups and classes in order to preserve capital. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and is the least stable of all financial markets. An investor who neglects the principles of diversification takes risks, in the event of a decrease in the value of an asset, he may lose most of his capital or even all his funds.

The correct approach to the diversification of the company’s activities involves the development of several areas, each of which will generate income, and, if necessary, will cover losses if one of the areas sags. It is the same with investments: when forming an investment portfolio, it is necessary to balance it in terms of risks and profits, foreseeing in advance a possible depreciation of one or more assets. For example, having $1,000 to invest, you should not invest the entire amount in cryptocurrency, especially in one coin. It would be more correct to purchase shares of several popular coins, stocks, bonds with this money.

Main types of diversification of economic activity

Strategies for diversifying the activities of an enterprise , as a rule, consist in expanding this activity, introducing new directions. In trading, there are such types of risk reduction:

  • Diversification of the cryptocurrency portfolio. Cryptocurrency is interconnected, the rates of most tokens change when the price of Bitcoin changes. But when buying crypto with large, medium and low capitalization, the investor can balance the portfolio by reducing the risks.

  • Diversification by type of financial activity. As part of the diversification of activities, the company can invest in stocks for the short term, and buy bonds for the long term. A trader can act on the same principle, buy popular highly liquid coins for long-term investments and new, but promising tokens for making a profit in the short term.

  • Diversification by purpose of tokens. A trader can invest not only in cryptocurrency, but also in ICO projects.

The main principles of diversification for a novice investor

Before investing in cryptocurrency, you need to study the assets and draw up an investment plan. A novice investor should adhere to several principles:

  • Invest an amount that he can afford to lose if the investment fails. Digital assets, especially cryptocurrencies, are highly volatile, so investing in them is always risky.

  • Invest gradually, investing small amounts regularly. Gradual investment gives time to study the market in more detail, adjust the strategy depending on trends, and redistribute assets if necessary.

  • Choose the most popular and liquid assets that can always be sold if necessary.

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