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How to invest in crypto?

How to invest in crypto?

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Cryptocurrency is one of the best assets to invest in today. It does not require devaluation practically, it often increases, as a result of which, the value of the asset itself is reached. You can earn quite quickly by investing in cryptocurrencies wisely. We will tell you where and how to invest in cryptocurrency.

What should a beginner know before starting to invest in cryptocurrency

The first thing that a novice investor needs to study is the cryptocurrency market. It is necessary to choose a promising coin, which is likely to bring profit. Even experienced traders cannot predict the rise or fall of new coins in the price, but things are different with time-tested cryptocurrencies. If you are just starting to invest in crypto, choose popular and famous coins, which demand is always high. These coins are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Axle, AVAX, Dogecoin, LItecoin, Ripple and other market leaders.

There are many investment methods, so it is also worth choosing one of them. Several ways to invest in cryptocurrency:

  1. Buy a coin in order to sell it for a higher price later. It is the easiest and most obvious investment option. You do not have to play on the volatility of the coin, just to make a long-term investment.
  2. Buy tokenized shares. You should buy securities converted into a security token. In simple words these are tokens, whose value is tied to shares. Tokenized shareholders receive dividends like ordinary shareholders.
  3. Buy an ETF. This is a contribution to an exchange-traded fund that uses cryptocurrency as an underlying asset. The fund buys coins, for example, Bitcoin, sells its securities, and investors, who bought the fund’s shares, earn on changes in the Bitcoin rate. This allows investors to keep their stake in the crypto without buying or storing coins themselves.

How to start investing in crypto: choosing an exchange

You need to buy a coin to start investing in crypto from scratch. A beginner can get by with a small start-up capital, investing $100, for example. The main rule is to invest as much as he is not afraid to lose.

There are various platforms for buying cryptocurrencies; these are exchanges, P2P platforms that work on the principle of a marketplace, online and offline exchangers, terminals. As a rule, beginners use exchanges, buying coins there is simple, fast and safe. But you need to choose a reliable exchange.

What you should pay attention to when choosing the exchange:

  1. Rating. Trust proven sites, used by millions. They are Binance, Bybit, KuCoin, Huobi and other well-known platforms.
  2. Trade volume. The higher this indicator is, the more popular the platform is. High trading volumes indicate users’ confidence.
  3. Reputation. Do not be lazy and read reviews, as well as publications about the exchange before investing in crypto. Failures and problems in work happen even with top sites. Do not trust scandalous platforms that often fail.

How to start investing in cryptocurrency the right way: buying a coin

Decide to make a long-term investment, buy and store a coin until its price rises significantly if you have chosen an exchange. The easiest way is to buy it on an exchange, for example, Binance. You need to create an account and pass verification first. You can buy a coin in several ways on this exchange, using debit and credit cards or through payment systems.

You need to select a coin, indicate the amount you are willing to spend, enter the card details and confirm the operation to do this. You can store the purchased coin in a wallet on the exchange, or in a wallet on a separate specialized service.

Investing in cryptocurrency correctly means investing in promising coins that are almost guaranteed to bring profit. It is worth investing in several different cryptocurrencies to increase the chances of success in case one of the assets does not live up to expectations. You can learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies and manage your capital properly on a course from the Сrypto Сrew team, or in our closed community.

Beginners simply and quickly master the crypto market and start earning from the first weeks of training together with us.