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Get crypto for free

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Not only beginners who begin to study the market and do not want to risk their funds, but also experienced traders strive to get free cryptocurrency. Some ways of earning crypto require effort, knowledge, attention and time from the user, while others are automated. We will tell you how to get cryptocurrency for free in 2022 in order to start earning on it with minimal investment.

Can I get crypto for free?

Anyone can get cryptocurrency for free. An ideal option for beginners who are afraid to invest real money in virtual assets is to give away tokens for free. Crypto received without investments can become the first asset for investment and earnings.

You will learn on the Crypto Crew course where you can get cryptocurrencies for free guaranteed and easy, but now we will talk about several ways to earn digital assets that even beginners can use on their own.

How to get free cryptocurrency in Crypto Crew

If you are just starting to learn cryptocurrencies, you can combine training with earnings. There are “Learn to earn” programs for beginners. The user can receive a reward in the form of a crypt and replenish his virtual wallet by reading informational articles, watching educational videos, taking surveys and tests on specialized platforms. You can earn cryptocurrencies for free on Binance by learning blockchain technology. The most popular crypto exchange offers users to improve their knowledge and skills in exchange for crypto from time to time. All you need is to spend time and approach the study of the proposed material carefully.

If you are looking for a way to get cryptocurrency free and have fun at the same time, try playing blockchain games. Crypto games have been around for quite some time, and they became especially popular with the advent of NFTs. So, during the period of quarantine and covid restrictions, residents of the Philippines earned money by playing games actively, and some of them were able to collect an impressive investment portfolio. Play to earn is similar to regular online games, but with one difference – players receive crypto rewards, which they withdraw to their crypto wallets, as a reward for completing levels, and then resell and receive real money.

For example, the popular game The Sandbox is a metaverse where users create virtual assets and sell them. This is a blockchain variation on the theme of Minecraft and Roblox. 3D cubes of voxels and pixels are used to create animated game objects. You can sell the created tokens on marketplaces.

Another way to earn a digital asset without investments is Airdrop. Cryptocurrency Airdrops are created to increase awareness of newly created coins and popularize exchanges. Airdrop participants receive small amounts of new coins to their cryptocurrency wallets – it’s quite simple and safe, because the promotions are held by large and popular exchanges. Platforms launch promotions as a marketing ploy; distribute digital assets for free to potential clients and exchange investors. Sometimes the user must perform a few simple steps for this:

  • Create an account on the exchange and pass verification.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Subscribe to project pages in social networks.

Members of the Crypto Crew community learn about interesting Airdrops and new projects where you can get cryptocurrency for free regularly. We monitor the best promotions and publish announcements that you should not miss to do this.

Learning how to make money on crypto

Getting crypto for free is real and easy, choosing the right strategy, spending time and immersing you in the topic. But you need to learn in order to earn it without losing a deposit. Investing and trading is a complex process that requires knowledge. You can get them from Crypto Crew.

Our team has created a course for beginners and experienced traders, which allows you to master the basic skills of a successful stock player in just a month. You will learn how to get crypto for free, and learn how to build an investment portfolio, use analysis data and close deals, each time getting a profit under the guidance of mentors.