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Get Free NFT

Get Free NFT

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Many promising NFTs are expensive, but crypto market participants can get them for free without investing their own money. This is especially true for beginners who are still insecure in the crypto industry and are afraid to invest real money in virtual currencies. We will tell you how to get NFT for free in 2022.

What is NFT and why buy it

NFTs are non-fungible tokens created on blockchain technology. Tokens are created for art, images, music, any objects that can be converted into a virtual form. The user receives a certificate for owning a digital asset when buying an NFT. Tokens are unique unlike cryptocurrencies, in the blockchain chain of which all links are equal.

Buying NFTs in 2022 is worth it for earnings or collection. Owners earn on the difference in price by reselling tokens, and sometimes this difference allows you to increase capital significantly.

How to get NFT for free

You can get NFT tokens for free in games. They are integrated into the popular projects Play to earn. Users receive a reward in the form of digital assets for their collection passing the levels of the game; becoming owners, they can leave them or sell them on the marketplace. There are dozens of popular and interesting games to get NFT for free:

  • Sorare;
  • FootballCoin;
  • Spells of Genesis;
  • Alien Worlds;
  • Farmers World.

A beginner can get a free NFT picture by participating in the distribution. Large companies and exchanges of the crypto industry conduct free distributions of tokens for users. Participation does not require investments from the user; you can get a token, for example, in popular Discord communities for cryptocurrency investors and traders. Sometimes the distribution does not require any activities from users, and sometimes you need to perform certain actions: actively participate in the life of the community, make reposts, subscribe to social networks, and publish posts.

Airdrop participants can receive free NFT tokens from the crypto community, exchanges or marketplaces. Airdrop is a planned distribution of tokens from developers of digital assets to promote them and increase awareness. Developers offer to get free tokens in the Airdrop of GameFi projects to draw attention to new projects and increase the audience. They distribute virtual assets to players in order to fill the gaming space faster, as a result, the company gets new users and recognition, and users get tokens for their collection or resale.

Any user can independently engage in NFT “propagation” to become the owner of a digital asset. Some games have such features, for example, Axie Infinity. New tokens are created on the basis of existing ones. This method has one drawback – you need to have at least a couple of NFTs for “reproduction”, but you can get them for free using a giveaway or Airdrop.

A difficult but interesting way to get free NFT tokens is to create them yourself. You can create a token for free by converting any image, photo, track, text into the NFT format. Free tools for translating an object into a virtual format can be found on popular platforms, such as OpenSea. NFT tokens received for free are put up for sale on the same platform.

Learning how to earn on NFT

It is not enough to know where to get NFT for free to earn on virtual assets. It is necessary to follow the dynamics and trends of the market, properly manage assets, relying on analytical data, and not intuition. Earnings on NFT, as well as on cryptocurrency, entail high risks, because the market volatility is high. But you can learn how to make smart investments and choose promising assets for buying and reselling.

The Crypto Crew team of traders has developed a training course for those who are just starting their journey in the cryptocurrency field. We teach beginners to earn on virtual currency with minimal investments or even without them. You will understand how the digital asset market works studying with us, you will also be able to enter the exchange confidently, not being afraid to make transactions on your own and earn real money.