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Learning to trade crypto: on your own or with a mentor?

Learning to trade crypto: on your own or with a mentor?

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If you are planning to learn how to trade cryptocurrency, you already know that trading is profitable and promising. Trading digital assets can bring a decent income, but do not forget about risks. It is necessary to learn if you want to make transactions correctly because trading requires knowledge and understanding of the market features from the user. But first, you should decide whether to learn cryptocurrency trading with or without a mentor, choosing open sources.

Self-learning to trade cryptocurrency on the stock exchange from scratch

Can self-study of cryptocurrency be effective? Of course, it can. But only on condition that you are able to separate the relevant and useful information from garbage, and are also ready to process large amounts of data.

There are many tutorials on the study of crypto in the public domain, but not all of them lead to the desired result. Be prepared for the fact that some of the guides are based on outdated data.

Learning to trade cryptocurrencies on your own, you should understand the principle of building an operation strategy, but not just get acquainted with the details. A trader must be able to determine the course movement vector and conduct an analysis, taking into account all available data.

What tools can be used in the study:

  • YouTube. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of video tutorials on crypto. You will find basic information that you can apply in practice on YouTube. A lot of useful knowledge is offered by experienced traders who run their channels. If you are good at English, we recommend paying attention to English-language content.
  • Articles and other specialized literature. Keeping up with the rapidly developing crypto market is not easy, so all the most up-to-date data is not yet immortalized on paper, but classical stock market trading tutorials will help you understand the basics and understand the mechanism of trading.
  • Blogs. Learning to trade cryptocurrency from scratch on the Binance exchange or another popular platform is not complete without studying the blogs of successful traders. The main thing is to find a blog of a really experienced specialist who is ready to share useful data.

Learning to trade crypto with mentors

Do you want to learn the basics faster and improve your crypto skills? Get trained by professionals. The advantage of such lessons is that they are developed by current traders. This is the most effective option for learning to trade cryptocurrency from scratch, because you are gradually immersed in the world of trading, receiving only up-to-date data in doses.

Learning to trade cryptocurrency on Binance, Kuna, WhiteBIT and other exchanges gives quick and positive results when a beginner receives structured knowledge and can immediately use it in practice. Lessons can be recorded or take place in LIVE mode, as in Crypto Crew, and experienced mentors monitor the progress and quality of assimilation of information for each student.

Features of learning to trade cryptocurrency on the exchange with mentors:

  • Structured information. It is organized and easy to understand. In addition, the courses are constantly updated and contain up-to-date data.
  • Communication with a mentor. The mentor answers the questions, helps to understand difficult topics and gives practical advice.
  • Work on mistakes. The mentor analyzes not only the typical mistakes of new traders, but also the personal mistakes of the student.

Learn the basics of trading on popular exchanges quickly and easily!

Do you want to get structured information, maximum useful insights and learn how to analyze the market yourself? Take a course from Crypto Crew! We have developed an effective cryptocurrency trading training program for beginners. Already after a month of training our clients understand how to form a portfolio properly, they know which deals should be chosen and which ones should be avoided.

Our mentors work directly with students, help to understand the topic in detail and work on the mistakes, provide the most understandable and only valuable information, check homework and find an individual approach to each student. Become a student of the Crypto Crew and understand that trading is easy!