Scalping training

Scalping training

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Cryptocurrency scalping is a popular and profitable way of trading digital assets . A trader who chooses this style must open a large number of transactions within one trading session, profiting from a change in the rate by several points. The profit from one scalper trade is not high, but high-frequency trading allows you to make good money in total, quickly increase your deposit, controlling risks.

On which exchanges can I earn scalping?

Learning scalping , a novice trader will have to choose a suitable exchange. To start practicing crypto trading, you need to open an account on one of the major exchanges, such as Binance , EXMO, Bybit , Huobi , Coinbase or another.

A few reasons to choose a popular exchange with high trading volume:

  • high liquidity;

  • trading in all popular coins with high volatility;

  • transparent conditions;

  • reliable security system;

  • support for various payment and withdrawal methods.

Important! Scalpers are actively trading, opening dozens of positions per day. You need to pay a commission for each transaction, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the size of the commission on the exchange in advance so as not to spend half of your income on paying it. If you have a referral program, use it to reduce commissions on the exchange.

To be safe, choose an exchange with a convenient mobile application. You will need it if you have problems with a desktop computer or laptop. You can also urgently close a position through the mobile application without losing funds due to technical problems. Binance , the most popular cryptocurrency exchange , has a convenient and easy-to-use application . Learning scalping on Binance from scratch , a beginner will quickly understand the technical side of trading and gain the necessary experience.

Start practicing scalping on the stock exchange with small amounts. And remember that opening deals on the entire deposit or a significant part of it is an unjustified risk. Open trades in small amounts, risking only a few percent of the deposit.

Analysis in scalping

When learning scalping on the stock exchange, a trader needs to master several methods of analysis. The first one is the glass analysis. On the exchange, a glass is a list of transactions opened by its users. A trader needs to learn how to analyze information about transactions in the order book in order to understand and predict the actions of other market participants, find optimal entry points, and create orders to buy or sell an asset in time. Learning scalping by glass , a trader gains a valuable skill – the ability to determine the movement of the course in the short term.

Technical analysis is another important method of studying the market. Technical analysis helps to predict the price movement of an asset during the trading day. It is based on data obtained from cryptocurrency charts without taking into account the fundamental factors that affect the rate. Traders analyze the course for the past period, making forecasts for further price dynamics. For this, a number of indicators are used, for example, Moving Average , RSI, Bollinger Bands and others. Comprehensive scalping training Cryptocurrency involves the development of these and other methods of analysis, for example, cluster and fundamental.

Learning scalping from scratch

Complete scalping training cryptocurrencies from scratch is a theory and practice where beginners can immediately apply the acquired knowledge. The training program should include not only an analysis of popular and effective scalping strategies , but also different methods of analysis.

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