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Start in crypto without investment

Start in crypto without investment

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The cryptocurrency market is attracting more and more people around the world. Investors invest in digital assets and earn on them despite the high volatility of cryptocurrencies and the instability of the industry. A beginner, who has not yet figured out the features of the cryptosphere, can start investing and playing on the stock exchange, a significant start-up capital, and even without it.

There are several ways to earn cryptocurrency on the Internet without investments, and we will tell you about them.

How to make money on crypto

There are many ways to earn real money with cryptocurrencies. The most understandable is to invest and resell the asset. You can wait for the price to rise and sell it, having bought any crypto on an exchange or marketplace, earning on the difference in the exchange rate. You can conduct such transactions on all popular exchanges, for example, on Binance.

Another way to profit from crypto is staking. This is an alternative to a bank deposit. The owner can use the staking service at interest on the exchange having bought cryptocurrency. Large exchanges offer this feature to maintain the stability, security and popularity of the platform, and users receive passive income.

Another way to make money is by landing. The owner of the crypto can borrow it at interest. Such loans are issued to traders and cryptocurrency exchanges. Platforms borrow crypto to increase the liquidity of the asset. A loan in a crypt is issued indefinitely or for a certain period.

Is it possible to start earning on cryptocurrency without investments

The above ways of earning are suitable for those who already have a crypt. You should understand how to get digital assets for free if you want to earn cryptocurrency from scratch without investments. This is especially true for beginners who are afraid to invest real money in crypto until they have studied the market. It is possible to earn cryptocurrency without investments quickly, it is available to everyone who is willing to spend a little time and learn.

Briefly about how you can earn on cryptocurrency without investments:

  • Airdrop;
  • GameFi;
  • Partnership programs.

Where to get crypto for free


So, if you are looking for ways to earn cryptocurrency without investment, get it through Airdrop. It’s pretty easy and risk-free. Many platforms to popularize new coins arrange a free distribution of crypto to potential investors. This is how they attract new customers. You get them directly to your crypto wallet, which you need to create in advance by participating in the free distribution of coins. Sometimes, the user must perform a number of simple steps in order to receive an asset:

  • Register and pass verification on the platform that organizes the Airdrop.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Subscribe to the pages of the platform in social networks.


A beginner can earn cryptocurrency without investments by playing online games. GameFi is a blockchain game that distributes crypto or NFT as a reward for passing levels and completing certain tasks. There are many games for earning cryptocurrency without investments, for example, Axie Infinity, Benji Bananas, Genopets, Illuvium and others.

Partnership programs

You can earn cryptocurrency without investments on affiliate programs. The essence of such projects is to place special links on social networks and make a profit from users registered using the link. Affiliates are needed to attract customers and investors to exchanges, online crypto exchangers and cloud mining services. Such programs are used by Binance, Bybit, OKX and other popular platforms. You need to register in the affiliate program, specify the address of the cryptocurrency wallet, generate a referral link, share it on your blog and social networks to participate.

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