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You can learn trading and understand nuances of the cryptocurrency market on your own or in a team. The first option is not suitable for everyone and often ends in failure. You can find a huge amount of information for traders in the public domain, but more than half of the data is already outdated and useless. Trying to figure out the complex world of crypto on your own, new questions appear instead of answers, and there are more and more of them every day.

Learning how to earn on cryptocurrency in a team is much easier, more interesting and more effective. There are not only courses, but also crypto communities for it. Closed community of traders allows you to share experience and gain up-to-date knowledge, learn to interact with other exchange players and understand their psychology.

What is the crypto community of traders

The community of cryptocurrency traders is a kind of closed club, whose members learn how to make money on cryptocurrencies first of all. The goal of such communities is to gather a large group of like-minded people who want to master trading, learn how to trade on the stock exchange and do it successfully.

The largest number of cryptocurrency communities is in Telegram today. It is a convenient and accessible platform for education and communication. There are many open groups where administrators post links to useful materials, record short news clips and conduct polls. Open crypto communities in Telegram are a good source of information and news; you just need to find groups where they publish up-to-date information, but not advertising.

You can obtain more specific knowledge in the closed cryptocurrency community. Access to such communities is usually paid, but the subscriber receives structured information, professional analytics, and recommendations from experienced and successful traders in return.

Forms of communication

Сommunity owners choose relevant sites that are used by the majority еo interact with the audience. Therefore, crypto communities in Telegram always find their subscribers and are actively developing. It is not the only platform for communication.

Educational materials are also hosted on the crypto community server in Discord. The platform allows you to conduct voice conferences and create a convenient account for the user with sections, topics and chats.

One popular form of communication with community members is live streaming on YouTube. Speakers explain topics, share recommendations and answer questions from subscribers on the air. You can also stream lives on Zoom.

And, of course, there is personal communication that is one of the best tools. Participants get the opportunity to get to know not only their mentors personally, but also popular speakers, successful entrepreneurs and traders if the community arranges live meetings. Such meetings give motivation and inspire personal development.

Why is learning to trade in a community easier than learning to trade alone

Who are “bulls” and “whales” on the stock exchange? Why is portfolio diversification important? How to evaluate the prospects of coin? The beginner will find answers to these and other questions in the cryptocurrency community.

There are a few reasons to join the community:

  • Save time. Cryptocurrency community in Telegram or Discord gives up-to-date information without water. A beginner masters the basics quickly, and mentors help to understand complex topics.
  • Networking. You make useful contacts and contacts, communicate with people whose interests coincide with yours becoming a part of the community.
  • Fast result. You can master the basics of trading in just a month with a little effort and careful study of the materials, and then it all depends on the goals and motivation.

Crypto Crew is a Ukrainian cryptocurrency community, where you will get the most useful information and learn how to make money on trading. Our team helps beginners and experienced traders to reach a new level, improve their trading strategy and minimize risks. You will understand the fundamental and technical aspects of the industry, learn how to analyze the market and assess risks, make forecasts and invest wisely becoming a part of the community.