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Earn on NFTs

Earn on NFTs

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NFTs have become one of the main trends in the world of digital assets and contemporary art having appeared recently. You have probably read the news about record transactions for the purchase and sale of NFTs yourself more than once. Everyone can earn on them, having understood the intricacies, having learned to choose promising projects and invest correctly.

What is NFT and how to make money on it

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a certificate purchased by a user that entitles him to own a digital asset. An image, music, any object converted into a virtual format can be used as such an asset. The certificate is created by blockchain technology, just like cryptocurrency, but there is a difference. All links are the same and interchangeable in the crypto blockchain, while NFTs are not. The token is unique and inimitable; it cannot be counterfeited or replaced by another. In most cases, NFT is created for images.

The item, which became the basis for the creation of the token, can be used by everyone, transferred, copied, published, but only the owner of the NFT of this item has the right to own the digital asset.

There are several ways to make money on NFTs, so tokens are actively sold and bought. But not all tokens are promising and can bring income to their owners. In order to invest and earn on the resale of NFTs, you should learn the main ways to earn money, as well as learn to choose profitable projects.

How to make money on NFTs

There are many ways to earn NFT from scratch without spending your own money. One of the simplest and most popular, Play to earn, is a blockchain game in which players receive tokens as a reward for completed levels. By spending time with pleasure playing an interesting online game, you can earn NFT for your collection, and subsequently sell the token when it grows in value. One of the most popular blockchain games today is Axie Infinity. The tokens earned by the player no longer belong to the developers of the game, but are transferred to the full ownership of the user, he has the right to sell or keep them.

Another way to earn on NFT from scratch is to participate in the free distribution of tokens. There are NFT drops for those who are just starting to understand the topic, but do not want to invest their own money. These are draws, where a participant can receive tokens for performing simple actions. Actions in drops are subscriptions to accounts on social networks, reposts of posts, and others. This is a lottery, and if the participant is lucky, he can win a virtual asset, sell it and receive cryptocurrency or real money.

You can make money on NFTs from scratch on your own by creating them. The user will receive cryptocurrency to purchase tokens or other tokens used as payment by joining the NFT project as a content author. Creative people have good chances to become participants in such projects: artists, writers, musicians.

The easiest way to make money is to buy and resell a token after its price rises. There are special marketplaces for buying and selling tactives. Today there are many convenient platforms, such as OpenSea or SuperRare.

Learning to make money on NFT

Digital assets make it possible to make good money, but success comes to those who delve into the study of the topic, understand processes and trends. Do you want to know how you can make money on NFT quickly and with minimal investment? Get trained!

The Crypto Crew team has developed an effective training course for everyone who wants to understand the features of non-fungible tokens and earn income. The mentors of our course know how to make money on NFT for a beginner without risking their own funds. Join our crypto community and you will learn not only to make money selling NFTs, but also learn to make promising investments, analyze market trends and choose profitable projects on your own.