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Where can I buy cryptocurrency?

Where can I buy cryptocurrency?

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Few people knew about cryptocurrency a few years ago; for the majority, digital money seemed like a dubious asset. Cryptocurrency is well-known today, so the number of traders and trading platforms is growing. Ukraine has adopted a law on the legalization of virtual assets and it will allow the cryptocurrency market to operate legally in our country. So now we will tell you where you can buy cryptocurrency.

Where can you buy cryptocurrency in Ukraine: all ways of buying

Cryptocurrency has become very popular so a large number of platforms for its purchase and exchange have appeared. You can buy cryptocurrency in Ukraine on crypto exchanges, online and offline exchangers, P2P platforms, terminals, through intermediaries in 2022.

Crypto Exchanges

Exchange where you can buy cryptocurrency is similar to a stock exchange but the product is different. Shares are sold on the stock exchanges, bitcoin, ethereum and other digital currencies are sold on the cryptocurrency exchanges. It is the most popular way to sell and buy. Exchanges offer other options for earning, for example, open cryptocurrency deposit and receive interest. Exchanges always have the largest selection of different cryptocurrencies so user investments are protected by insurance funds. Large exchanges, for example, Binance, Bybit, Coinbase, also have mobile applications where you can buy cryptocurrency at any convenient time.

Online exchangers

Online exchanger is a site where you can buy cryptocurrency for cashless payments. These sites accept cards from large banks, for example, PrivatBank or Monobank. The exchange resembles the process of buying dollars or euros from a regular hryvnia card.

P2P platforms

P2P platforms are like marketplaces where you can buy cryptocurrency: ethereum, bitcoin and others. Platform hosts offers from coin owners. You can write to the user and agree on a deal having chosen the appropriate option. The P2P platform guarantees security of the operation and works according to the following principle: after the transaction is confirmed by the parties, the cryptocurrency is credited to the account of the platform itself, when the buyer makes a transfer, and the seller confirms the receipt of money, the cryptocurrency is sent to the buyer’s account. It is convenient for such platforms to have user ratings; they allow you to choose a reliable person for a transaction.


Look for a special terminal if you are interested in how and where to buy cryptocurrency for cash. Crypto Terminals are analogues of ordinary bank terminals, they accept money, and then the purchased coin comes to your cryptocurrency account. It is indicated on its screen how to use the terminal.

Offline exchangers

Offline crypto exchangers work on the same principle as usual currency exchangers. In this case you give your money to the cashier, and in return you receive the purchased cryptocurrency on a pre-registered wallet.

You need to create a wallet before contacting the exchanger in order to give its details. Remember that it is impossible to track or cancel transactions with cryptocurrency, so you need to approach the choice of an exchanger responsibly.


In addition to special platforms and applications where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency there is another way – intermediaries. This option cannot be called reliable and safe, so it is the most risky. You send money to the account of the crypto owner, and he transfers it to your cryptocurrency wallet. Technically, the transaction is similar to P2P purchase, but without any guarantees. It is worth using the services of an intermediary if you are 100% sure of his honesty.

How to choose the best way to buy and learn how to earn on crypto?

Today there are many platforms for buying and digital assets because more and more Ukrainians are interested in cryptocurrency. Despite the popularity of crypto, it is still a relatively new and unstable currency.

It is easier to learn how to make money with cryptocurrency when you have support and a reliable source of knowledge. You will find like-minded people in the Crypto Crew community, and experienced traders will become your mentors who will help you understand complex topics, tell you where you can officially buy cryptocurrency, learn how to analyze the market, make accurate forecasts and constantly increase income.